January 13, 2010

The Rat Patrol

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The Rat Patrol cc Edna Spennato 2009.

Photomontage made on 9 February 2009.

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Originally published at Auntie Ziona as The Ratalach Patrol

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A second Gaza war around the corner?

Hasan Abu Nimah, The Electronic Intifada, 13 January 2010

Israel is once again complaining that its “security” is being threatened by new eruptions of violence along the border with Gaza. About two dozen Qassam rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza in recent days. Although they fell in (and may have been deliberately targeted at) open areas, causing no damage or injuries, Israel took revenge with destructive air raids that did cause damage and killed several people, including a 15-year-old boy.

Before asking who should stop first, one should recall who started the latest ugly round of violence….

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Massive Israeli Biological Attack Drill Begins

Al-ManarTV: 13/01/2010 A two-day exercise simulating a response to a biological warfare attack will begin Wednesday in the Dan region. The exercise, which will be the largest of its kind in Israel’s history, will be carried out in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Holon, seeks to evaluate the ability of the Home Front, medical services, rescue teams and municipal authorities to respond to conditions created by a biological catastrophe caused either by terrorists or by some kind of accident….

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February 16, 2009

Saint Bibi Finally Gets to Play God

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saints-obama-and-bibiSaints Bibi and Obama cc Edna Spennato 2008.

Photomontage made on 22 Nov 2008

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As ludicrous as it may have seemed for the ultra-hawkish Bibi, the man who described the 9-11 twin tower attacks as “very good”, to attempt to emulate the messianic persona put out by the Obama propaganda machine,  Natanyahu’s election website and his entire campaign was an imitation of Barky’s, down to even hiring two of Obama’s election campaign staff, Josh Isay and Bill Knapp .

Kadima gained one seat more than Likud’s 27 seats, due to the fact that in Israel Occupied Palestine, most of the voting public doesn’t choose its leaders based upon promised miracles and good deeds, not even given the assurance that the candidate can walk on water, given enough time and votes.

The voters in Israel Occupied Palestine want more than promises.  They expect to see the actual bodies, hence the higher number of votes scored by Livni for her undeniable achievements in certain crucial categories, including:

1. number of recently accumulated Palestinian cadavers, preferably civilian, with a proportion of at least one third small children

2. number of amputations

3. number of orphans, widows and severely wounded

4. number of destroyed homes, hospitals, schools, playgrounds and UN buildings

5. number of new cholera cases

6. number of newly created refugees

7. and last but not least of course, the ability to hobnob at EU dinner parties with other mass murderers

However, with the support of Avigdor “Kingmaker” Lieberman’s  party forming a right-wing coalition with Likud, Bibi has managed to become Israel’s new PM, and the world now grits its teeth in anticipation of even worse atrocities than those committed by the previous gang of war criminals.


February 12, 2009

And the Winner is…. Adolfa Livni!

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beastie-and-the-boychicksBeastie and the Boychicks cc Edna Spennato 2008.

Photomontage made on 13 Dec 2008.

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These two images were created about 2 weeks before the start of the so-called Hannukah Massacre on 27 Dec 2008, during the pre-Christmas period when Israel’s sinister foreign minister, Livni, was becoming more and more vocal about the genocide being planned for the people of Gaza.

And if the world’s people have anything to do with it, Livni, an ex-Mossad agent whose father was a well-known Irgun terrorist, will eventually be arrested to stand trial for war crimes at the Hague.  She is likely to go down in history as one of the least nurturing women of all time, despite the fact that she has two sons of her own.

Using a “shoot anything that moves” approach to wiping out the caged civilians of Gaza, and testing out a variety of new and terrible illegal weapons for the demonic American military, this psychopath was the person probably most responsible for the mass murder of over a thousand civilians in a three week period.

The American-Israeli blood-letting spree came to a slow halt literally only an hour or two before the start of the inauguration celebrations in the USA, only because of the request from Barky not to rain (blood) on his parade.

This brought about a terrible juxtaposition of concurrent experiences in the collective consciousness which has really fucked with the minds and hearts of the world’s people, and added massively to the collective desensitization process which Obama took advantage of three days after becoming POTUS.

One of his first actions was to sign the order to aerial bomb a rural village in Pakistan, a country with which America is not even at war (i.e. this action made him a war criminal), which gave Barky his first big kill of over 20 people, including many children, without it receiving more than a page 5 mention in the mainstream press.

Like a massive snuff movie in which the perpetrators are smiling, dancing and eating caviar, the grisly juxtaposition of scenes on our PC monitors of shocked and injured Gazans frantically digging through the rubble to find their loved ones, with the scenes of dewy-eyed crowds at the inauguration bash on TVs all around the world was nauseatingly pornographic to some if us.  As the first notes of the “Star-Spangled Banner” struck up, and the balloons and glitter and the “Yes We Can” refrain went out, the Gazans were pulling charred and dog-eaten babies out of still-smoudering ruins.

If we really are all One, this experience had a fragmenting effect on our collective consciousness in a way similar to the manner in which the CIA programmes its mind-controlled operatives through the Monarch project.

It would have been a lot less disturbing had the Americans made the inauguration a somber affair, with dignitaries wearing black armbands out of respect for the dead civilians of Gaza killed by American weaponry, but being expected to collectively weep tears of sentimentality for Obama, while simultaneously swallowing one’s heartbreak and disgust at the genocide in Gaza, has brought a deep wounding to our collective soul.  It’s going to take a lot of healing to fix this one.

Like the rest of her cohorts in the Knesset, Livni’s ultimate goal is clearly the genocide of the entire Palestinian people, for which she can count on for help, as usual, from the USA and EU.

She has managed to worsen a humanitarian crisis in Gaza already so severe that the world has not seen anything quite as barbaric since the Bolsheviks used starvation as a weapon to wipe out the entire population of the Ukraine.

Heil, Adolfa Livni!

What terrible plans do you have for the true semitic people of occupied Palestine, the starving people locked up in the largest concentration camp the world has ever seen?

Enjoy your freedom while it lasts.  See you at the Hague.

adolfa-livniAdolfa Livni cc Edna Spennato 2008.

Photomontage made on 15 Dec 2008

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February 10, 2009

Livni and Barak, the Shepherds and Their Flock

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the-good-shepherds-livni-and-barakLike Lambs to the Slaughter cc Edna Spennato 2009.

Photomontage made on 5 Jan 2009.

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No Lamb Left Behind cc Edna Spennato 2009.

Photomontage made on 5 Jan 2009.

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She who Leadeth the FlockShe Who Leadeth the Chosen cc Edna Spennato 2009.

Photomontage made on 4 Jan 2009.

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