January 15, 2009

Viva Gaza Viva!

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Viva Gaza Viva - La Lunne ContinuaViva Gaza Viva cc Edna Spennato 2009.

Photomontage made on 15 Jan 2009.

Click on image to enlarge.

Inspired by the courage of Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez, true heroes of the Palestinian people.

Published at WUFYS, in an earlier version at these links: Uprooted Palestinians, Auntie Ziona, Kenny’s Sideshow, Ziopedia.



  1. danny said,

    A resounding BRAVO!! to Morales and Chavez!! I wish them all the best!!

  2. ednaspennato said,

    Yes….. they are steadfast leaders of the people, unlike the cowards who drop DIME bombs on hospitals from 10 000 feet above.

  3. Have you ever seen these men walk among the people? The people crowd to them, the love surge is overwhelming… their touch with the people is amazing. I have seen Chavez spend 15 minutes with a crippled boy and his mother and you KNOW his concern is genuine. Sure there are body guards, but they walk more as companions than much more. Although I am sure they are not to be tangled with. However, These MEN are real men. As was Castro. America is now in the process of building a significant number of bases along the borders of these two countries so we know, the NWO wants them gone. At one time North America stood as the defence, the last freedom loving countries against tyranny, but Americans have been taught to not even see it and now they move on. Why do you think they try to erase the Arabs? same reason, they do not roll over and play dead.

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